Educational Services

Welcome to the West Newbury School of Music. Our mission at the is to provide the highest quality musical instruction experience on the North Shore – one that establishes a life-long appreciation and love for music and the arts.

Private Lesson – Half Hour$30

A one-on-one experience with a seasoned, professional musician of your choice. 30 minute lessons are great for beginner both students and situations where flexibility is a primary consideration.

Rock Band$200

Interested in finding a band? Playing music with others is a completely different experience. Ultimately, a group experience is the best preparation for the life of a professional musician. Rock band lasts for 8 weeks and meets once per week for one hour

Math Tutoring$90/hr

Math is tough! Fortunately it’s an incredibly interesting topic if approached from the right direction. Using our recording studio and testing equipment, our engineers can not only help a student understand mathematics, they can also show them direct applications for many common mathematical functions.

Private Lesson – Full Hour$60

Upgrading to a full hour lesson will maximize your potential talent. It’s also a great tool for branching out into multiple subjects.


Ear training is a key skill in the life of a musician. The skill starts with chorus ensemble. Sign up and learn the nuts and bolts of harmony. Chorus ensemble lasts for 8 weeks and meets once per week for one hour

Stop Motion Workshop$200

Bring your story to life! Students develop their appreciation for great story-telling by developing and filming their own stop-motion movies. Children work in pairs to create their own stories using elements of plot, setting, rising action, conflict, and resolution.

Joe’s Desert Island Workshop

Join us on our newest and most epic endeavor to date. At Joes Desert Island Workshop students will learn essential science skill while having fun in a controlled environment. Excercises will include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating batteries
  • Building transmitters
  • Building recievers
  • etc
  • etc
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Student Services

Guitar RestringingFREE

Learning to string a guitar is not a simple task at first. Just figuring out how to hold the guitar while working is often difficult. Our staff will show you exactly how it’s done. Tips and tricks included. All strings are provided free as lesson materials

Drum TuningFree

Drum tuning is an art. It can take years to perfect a drummers tuning technique. Let us help you with your new kit, or simply spruce up your current tone.

Books & Lesson MaterialsFREE

On Tropico, books and lesson materials are always free!

Guitar SetupsFREE

Sometimes, perhaps twice a year, a guitar will shift around. Wood is a very interesting beast to tame, and not for the feint of heart. Our engineers precisely set up over 30 in house guitars every year. We offer this service free to our students

Basic RepairFREE

The staff at WNSOM can handle a variety of basic repairs on guitar or percussion equipment. If we can’t fix it, we can point you in the right direction. With hundreds of instruments in stock, we’re always working with professional repair men. Inquire for details.


We love to talk shop! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at any time and ask. WNSOM is a tiny, self contained music industry; we’ve learned a lot over the years, and would love to share it with you!